We are YouCoalition, a task force formed to combat sexual abuse, emotional manipulation, and other forms of violence in the YouTube community. We have been working in collaboration with several online leaders (including the Vlogbrothers, the Harry Potter Alliance, as well as Vidcon and LeakyCon) to organize a large-scale response to the issue. We now hope to work with you.

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Why is our work necessary?

We’ve received a number of questions about whether Luke Conard will be attending Vidcon. He is no longer listed as a guest of Vidcon on the official website.

EDIT: This means that Luke will not be supported by Vidcon in any way, including being given a guest pass to the conference or spots in signings and panels. 

No information on the happenings surrounding Luke’s removal from the guest list have been shared publicly. It is uncertain whether or not Luke will be attending the conference as a regular attendee.

click here for the list of vidcon’s guests

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    I like that Vidcon and YouCoalition stepped up and dealt with this! Good on you!
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    cool! thanks for the clarification. i understand the turnaround was maybe too fast for this year’s vidcon (is two/three...